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It has truly been a game-changer for me!

Ive been able to create complex, high-quality 3D models in seconds, shaving hours off of my usual timescales.

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Noah Bohringer (Game Developer)

Text to 3D

Generate 3D models from text prompts in seconds.

Mad max film character
'Groot from Guardians of
the Galaxy, Cartoon,
highest resolution

Image to 3D

Turn an image into a 3D model in seconds.

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AI Texturing

Texture 3D models effortlessly.

Corset, leather corset, black color, ultra-realistic, highly detailed, best quality
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High-Quality assets in seconds.

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Image to 3D

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Recent Generations

See what our Users have been adding to our 3D Library. Get inspired and start creating your 3D Models today!

A furious red apple with a menacing expression
Image Input used as Prompt
Image Input used as Prompt
An artistic representation of an electron orbiting an atom
Image Input used as Prompt
Image Input used as Prompt

Turn any Image into 3D

And so much more...

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Time Savings


Transform hours of modeling into seconds, freeing up time for creativity.

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Slash 3D model costs without compromising on quality.

Happy 3D AI Studio Users

Why choose 3D AI Studio?

"The speed in which I can generate 3D models is astonishing. Its simplified my workflow and given my applications an aesthetic uplift that impresses clients. I even 3D printed a few of those Models and they came out great"

Tim Karlowitz

Website Developer

"With the 3D AI STUDIO, Ive been able to create complex, high-quality 3D models in seconds, shaving hours off of my usual timescales and allowing me to focus more on getting creative. It has been a game-changer. This is the best AI 3D Model Generator i have ever used! "

Noah Böhringer

Freelance 3D Artist

"So cool! I just logged in and was very quickly able to make a 3D model from a prompt. Could see a lot of applications of this in video editing / animation. Cant wait for all the new Features!"

Dillion Verma

Developer @Nvidia


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Weekly Updates!

We continuously enhance our platform with the latest 3D AI advancements. Working with Vast Research and Tripo, we regularly update our tools and features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, generating a 3D model takes between 15 to 25 seconds. The exact time can vary based on the complexity of the request and the current load on our servers.

To create a 3D model, you have the flexibility to use a text prompt or upload an image for reference. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, ensuring you can easily bring your creative visions to life.

For Image to 3D and Text to 3D tasks, generation costs 25 credits. Remeshing is free and AI texturing... is also free

Of course! Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are dissatisfied with our service, please contact us at for a refund.

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